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Car Restoration

The love affair with older model vehicles is gaining popularity today. We are often asked if Car Quarters can upgrade older cars and restore them to specifications outlined by the customer. The answer is, Yes. Car Restoration is one of Car Quarters many talents.

The team at Car Quarters, love taking on these projects. We work together with our clients in order to restore their vehicles in order to fall in love with their classic car all over again. Through appropriate time and planning, and with the approval of our client, we begin the restoration process immediately.

At Car Quarters we want to provide our clients with the performance and drivability they long for. Matching the timeless look of the car with its capabilities is what we do best. With the help of modern parts and know-how, we can make your classic car perform and drive like some of its contemporary counterparts. Contact us to see how we can bring your love of your car into the 21st century.

It’s our mandate to bring your dream machine to life exactly as you see it. Your vision might consist of an exact restoration of how the car looked in the showroom or create a unique vehicle to match your vision.

Car Restoration

Classic car Restoration

Car Repairs

No task too big or too small, we can repair all your vehicle needs. Come in for a vehicle tune-up have your car run like new again.

Collision Repairs

We take the stress out of your collision repair. Leave the work to us, we will bring your car back to its original state.

Car Restoration

Build your dream machine based on your vision. we guarantee to meet your requirements!